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Tenable’s PCI ASV solution streamlines the PCI ASV submission and dispute process to quickly prepare a complaint scan report as required by PCI 11.2.2.

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Comply With PCI ASV Scanning Requirements

Merchant and related service providers must accept and/or process credit cards to achieve their revenue objectives.This requires authorization based, in part, on passing a quarterly PCI DSS ASV assessment.

Streamlined Quarterly PCI ASV Scanning

Tenable’s PCI ASV Scanning Service streamlines the quarterly external vulnerability scan submission and dispute process as required by PCI 11.2.2.With pre-configured scan templates and an efficient evidence/dispute resolution process, Tenable (an Approved Scanning Vendor) can quickly prepare a compliant scan report for merchants and service providers.

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See the status of all attestation requests in the Tenable.io PCI ASV workbench.


Scan Templates

Pre-configured scan templates allow you to scan, remediate and dispute failures according to your schedule, prior to submitting scans for attestation.

PCI ASV Workbench

The Tenable.io PCI ASV Workbench is a single UI for users to scan, manage, submit, and complete the attestation process.

Content Reuse

Apply the same disputes and exceptions to multiple IPs and optionally roll-over disputes and exceptions from one quarter to the next.

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Vulnerability Management

Accurately identifies assets and their vulnerabilities, enabling faster remediation.Supports today’s most dynamic assets in ever-changing IT environments, including PCI ASV.

Web Application Scanning

Enables a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities in all your web applications – including AJAX and HTML5 web apps.


Provides end-to-end visibility of container images, so you can discover, track and continuously protect containers.Seamlessly and securely enables DevOps.


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Enjoy full access to our latest web application scanning offering designed for modern applications as part of the Tenable.io platform.Safely scan your entire online portfolio for vulnerabilities with a high degree of accuracy without heavy manual effort or disruption to critical web applications.さっそく登録して、60秒以内に最初のスキャンを実行してください。

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これまでにない精度で資産のすべてを見て追跡できる最新のクラウド型脆弱性管理プラットフォームにフルアクセスできます。Purchase your annual subscription today.

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脆弱性管理プラットフォームに統合された唯一のコンテナ セキュリティ製品に、無制限にアクセスできます。コンテナ イメージの脆弱性、マルウェア、ポリシー違反を監視します。CI/CD (継続的統合・継続的展開) システムと統合し、DevOpsプラクティスのサポート、セキュリティの強化、企業ポリシー コンプライアンスのサポートを提供します。

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Tenable.ioコンテナ セキュリティは、ビルド工程との統合を通して脆弱性、マルウェア、ポリシー違反を含むコンテナ イメージのセキュリティへの可視化を提供することで、シームレスで安全な開発・運用工程を可能にします。

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これまでにない精度で資産のすべてを見て追跡できる最新のクラウド型脆弱性管理プラットフォームにフルアクセスできます。Purchase your annual subscription today.

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