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Tenable has partnered with market leading technology companies to pioneer the industry’s first Cyber Exposure ecosystem, to help the digital enterprises of today - and tomorrow - build resilient cybersecurity programs.

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Integrated Solutions
to Solve Customer Problems

From ingesting third-party data to enriching third-party systems, the Cyber Exposure partner ecosystem connects disparate solutions and data to accelerate an organization’s ability to understand, manage and reduce cyber risk.

THIRD party data integration

Tenable gains even more intelligence by integrating third party data into its platform including threat intelligence, asset data, and other indicators of security health.By adding context to the asset’s exposure, organizations can prioritize remediation based on the asset’s business criticality and the severity of the issue.

Enriching THIRD party systems

Tenable live Cyber Exposure data is integrated into third party Security and IT Operations tools including ticketing, CMDBs, and systems management to prioritize remediation, enhance IT service delivery and integrate Cyber Exposure into your organization’s overall IT risk and compliance framework.

Partner Spotlight:

“Organizations running operational technology face a foundational security challenge – the need to understand the entirety of their cyber exposure in the context of a modern attack surface that is constantly evolving.Joining forces with Siemens is a natural next step and together we provide a way for organizations to monitor and address their attack surface in totality, so they can see where they are vulnerable and protect those systems -- and the people who depend on them -- from threats.” Amit Yoran, CEO of Tenable Read the Press Release

Cyber Exposure Ecosystem:
Featured Technology Partners

Siemens|Operational Technology

Tenable and Siemens have formed a strategic partnership to help energy, utilities and oil and gas companies with a new solution for industrial asset discovery and vulnerability management.‘Industrial Security’ from Tenable provides safe, reliable asset discovery and vulnerability detection purpose-built for industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.Using passive network monitoring based on Tenable’s Nessus Network Monitor, designed for critical systems which require a non-intrusive approach to vulnerability detection, the OT-native solution helps identify and prioritize OT risks so organizations can keep safety-critical production assets secure and fully functional.Delivered by Siemens as a security service, ‘Industrial Security’ helps customers understand the state of their assets at all times, providing them with the information they need to quickly and confidently assess, understand and ultimately reduce their cybersecurity risk.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)|Cloud Infrastructure

The AWS Connector for Tenable.io automatically and continuously discovers and tracks asset changes in AWS cloud environments to ensure all instances are known and assessed for exposure with every change.With the life of cloud workloads commonly measured in hours, the AWS Connector solves a key challenge of achieving accurate visibility into cyber risk by creating a consolidated view of all on-prem and cloud-based assets.This empowers security teams to manage Cyber Exposure across the entire modern attack surface with a complete picture.

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APCON|Network Monitoring

The APCON IntellaStore platform provides data aggregation, capture, storage and onboard applications all in one box.IntellaStore captures all traffic of interest from anywhere in the network and provides full packet visibility to the Nessus Network Monitor running directly on the IntellaStore.The ability to have Nessus Network Monitor running on the same box that is tapping the data means data can be analyzed from one spot and threats can be identified faster.

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Automatically export Tenable vulnerability and compliance violation findings into the BMC SecOps Response Service to accelerate incident response.

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Integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) leverages Tenable vulnerability and compliance violation findings to trigger rule-based Network Access Control to remediate vulnerable systems.

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CyberArk|Privileged Account Management

Tenable integration with CyberArk Application Identity Manager™ simplifies privileged access to hosts for more accurate and faster vulnerability assessment.

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Dell|Patch Management

Tenable solutions integrate with Dell KACE systems management appliances to identify missing patches on vulnerable systems, identify unmanaged systems that are vulnerable and require patching, and extend scanning to cover systems that cannot be directly scanned.Tenable can also audit systems running the Dell Force10 FTOS system.

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Integration with ForeScout CounterAct® allows the product to notify Tenable when new systems join the network, triggering immediate vulnerability assessment of newly detected devices and the ability to execute protective actions on vulnerable systems.

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By deploying Gigamon and Tenable solutions together, organizations that have encrypted traffic in their environments can regain visibility into what devices are connecting to their environment and continuously monitor network traffic to identify vulnerabilities and risk.

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Automatically export Tenable vulnerability and compliance findings into IBM QRadar and import QRadar alerts into Tenable to trigger on-demand scans to correlate vulnerable systems with SIEM alert activity for greater analysis accuracy and issue prioritization.

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Infoblox|IP Address Management

Integration with Infoblox IP Address Management allows the product to trigger immediate vulnerability assessment via Tenable when new systems join the network or during incident response to identify compromised systems.

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Kenna (formerly Risk I/O) takes in vulnerability scan results from Nessus to correlate with other assessment information to help customers prioritize issues.

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McAfee|Endpoint Security

Automatic exporting of Tenable vulnerability and configuration data into McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator™ (ePO) increases visibility and enriches context around the security posture of McAfee managed endpoints.

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Microfocus/HPE Enterprise|SIEM

Automatically export Tenable vulnerability and compliance violation findings into ArcSight and correlate vulnerable systems with SIEM alert activity for greater analysis accuracy and issue prioritization.

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Tenable integrates with Microsoft WSUS and SCCM to identify mobile devices and associated vulnerabilities.In addition, Tenable scans Microsoft operating systems, applications and databases for vulnerabilities, audits for hardening guidelines and audits for compliance, and identifies malicious processes and malware targeting Microsoft systems and applications.Finally, Tenable also integrates with Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) MDM to discover, audit security settings and identify vulnerabilities on mobile devices.Tenable also detects and audits Microsoft Azure cloud services to identify misconfigurations and identify entry points for attackers.

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Red Hat|Patch Management

Tenable integrates with Red Hat Satellite to correlate patch status reported by Red Hat with the results of Tenable’s vulnerability scanning.パッチをスキャンの結果と相関付けることで組織は、パッチ プログラム内の矛盾を発見できます。

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RedLock® enables effective, comprehensive threat defense across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud public cloud environments.The RedLock Cloud 360™ platform takes a new, AI-driven approach that correlates disparate security data sets including network traffic, user activities, risky configurations, host and container vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence, to provide a holistic view of risks across fragmented cloud environments.With RedLock, organizations can ensure compliance, govern security, and enable security operations across public cloud computing environments from a single pane of glass.

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Automatically export Tenable vulnerability and compliance violation findings into the RedSeal cybersecurity analytics platform to correlate vulnerable system data with RedSeal access path data for issue remediation prioritization.

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Export Tenable vulnerability and compliance violation findings to RSA Archer® GRC to aggregate vulnerable system data with additional IT controls data for a consolidated view of IT risk.

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ServiceNow|SecOps & Ticketing

Automatically sync IT asset data from the ServiceNow® Security Operations platform with SecurityCenter to enrich asset discovery and vulnerability assessment, as well as import Tenable findings into ServiceNow to accelerate the IT remediation workflow.

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Splunk® Enterprise automatically collects Tenable vulnerability and configuration issues, correlating vulnerable systems with SIEM alert activity to help validate threats.The Tenable application is Common Information Model (CIM) compatible for easy use with other Splunk apps.

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Symantec|Patch Management

Tenable integrates with Symantec Altiris to correlate patch status reported by Symantec with the results of Tenable’s vulnerability scanning.パッチをスキャンの結果と相関付けることで組織は、パッチ プログラム内の矛盾を発見できます。

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ThreatConnect provides threat intelligence data that helps identify malware and malicious behavior.Tenable solutions can use this data to identify malicious communications and compromised hosts as well as help prioritize vulnerability scan results and response.

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ThreatQuotient is an open and extensible threat intelligence platform (TIP) to provide defenders the context, customization and collaboration needed for increased security effectiveness and efficient threat operations and management.ThreatQ accelerates the transformation of threat data into actionable threat intelligence by giving defenders unmatched control through a Threat LibraryTM, an Adaptive WorkbenchTM and an Open ExchangeTM to ensure that intelligence is accurate, relevant and timely to their business.With ThreatQ, customers can automate much of what is manual today and get more out of existing security resources, both people and infrastructure.

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Thycotic|Privileged Account Management

Integration with Thycotic Secret Server simplifies privileged system access to hosts for more accurate and faster vulnerability assessment.

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The Cyber Exposure partner ecosystem is part of the Tenable™ Assure partner program, a new program designed to make it easier than ever for Tenable technology and channel partners to build and deliver innovative solutions to customer problems.Features of the program include the elimination of partner levels and fees and the creation of a self-service capability for building integrations with Tenable.io.Tenable is committed to working with the technology ecosystem to maintain integrations which keep pace with changes over time.

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