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[R5] SecurityCenter 5.4.3 Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities



SecurityCenter has recently been discovered to contain several vulnerabilities. Four issues in the SC code were discovered during internal testing by Barry Clark, and several third-party libraries were upgraded as part of our internal security process. Note that the library vulnerabilities were not fully diagnosed so SecurityCenter is possibly impacted. Tenable opted to upgrade the libraries as it was more efficient than diagnosing each issue. Details of the issues are below, with VDB IDs and/or internal IDs for your tracking pleasure. Note that not all library vulnerabilities have a CVE assignment:

  • PHP ext/phar/phar.c phar_parse_pharfile() Function Phar Archive Handling Out-of-bounds Read DoS (VulnDB 149621)
  • PHP ext/exif/exif.c exif_convert_any_to_int() Function TIFF / JPEG Image Tag Handling Floating Pointer Exception Remote DoS (VulnDB 149623 / CVE-2016-10158)
  • PHP ext/standard/var_unserializer.c finish_nested_data() Function Unserialized Data Handling Out-of-bounds Read Remote Weakness (VulnDB 149665 / CVE-2016-10161)
  • PHP ext/phar/phar.c phar_parse_pharfile() Function Phar Archive Handling Off-by-one Remote Buffer Overflow DoS (VulnDB 149629 / CVE-2016-10160)
  • PHP ext/phar/phar.c phar_parse_pharfile() Function Phar Archive Handling Integer Overflow DoS (VulnDB 149666 / CVE-2016-10159)
  • GD Graphics Library (LibGD) gd_gd2.c gdImageCreateFromGd2Ctx() Function Insufficient Image Data Handling DoS (VulnDB 150576 / CVE-2016-10167)
  • OpenSSL crypto/bn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl Montgomery Squaring Procedure BN_mod_exp Incorrect Results Private Key Derivation Weakness (VulnDB 151020 / CVE-2017-3732)
  • OpenSSL crypto/evp/e_chacha20_poly1305.c CHACHA20-POLY1305 Cipher Packet Handling Out-of-bounds Read Remote DoS (VulnDB 151018 / CVE-2017-3731)
  • OpenSSL crypto/bn/asm/x86_64-mont.pl Montgomery Multiplication Incorrect Results Weakness (VulnDB 147021 / CVE-2016-7055)
  • Apache HTTP Server User-Agent Whitespace Pattern Handling Cache Pollution Response Confusion Cross-session Information Disclosure (VulnDB 149054 / CVE-2016-8743)
  • Apache HTTP Server modules/aaa/mod_auth_digest.c Client Entry Allocation Shared Memory Space Exhaustion Remote DoS (VulnDB 148338 / CVE-2016-2161)
  • Apache HTTP Server Session Data / Cookie Padding Oracle Attack Information Disclosure Weakness (VulnDB 148286 / CVE-2016-0736)
  • Apache HTTP Server mod_http2 HTTP/2 CONTINUATION Frame Handling Memory Exhaustion Remote DoS (VulnDB 148143 / CVE-2016-8740)
  • Apache HTTP Server Proxy Header Injection HTTP_PROXY Environment Variable Overwrite Remote Proxy Manipulation (VulnDB 141669 / CVE-2016-5387 / CVE-2016-1000104 / CVE-2016-1000102)
  • libcurl lib/rand.c randit() Function Uninitialized Random Value Weak Cryptographic Operations (VulnDB 149163 / CVE-2016-9594)
  • Authenticated Stored XSS (VulnDB 152085 / Internal ID 31620)
  • Authenticated Stored XSS (VulnDB 152086 / Internal ID 31619)
  • Authenticated Stored XSS (VulnDB 152087 / Internal ID 31498)
  • Authenticated Stored XSS (VulnDB 152088 / Internal ID 31430)

Please note that Tenable strongly recommends that SecurityCenter be installed on a subnet that is not Internet addressable.


Tenable has released SecurityCenter 5.4.3 to address these issues. The new version can be obtained from the Tenable Support Portal (https://support.tenable.com/support-center/index.php?x=&mod_id=160).

Additionally, patches have been created to address these issues for Security Center 5.0.2 through 5.4.2. The patches and associated checksums can be found at http://static.tenable.com/prod_docs/upgrade_security_center.html.

Tenable has released version 4.5.0 of the Appliance that resolves this issue. Users are strongly encouraged to use the online updating functionality or download the new version to upgrade.

This page contains information regarding security vulnerabilities that may impact Tenable's products. This may include issues specific to our software, or due to the use of third-party libraries within our software. Tenable strongly encourages users to ensure that they upgrade or apply relevant patches in a timely manner.

Tenable takes product security very seriously. If you believe you have found a vulnerability in one of our products, we ask that you please work with us to quickly resolve it in order to protect customers. Tenable believes in responding quickly to such reports, maintaining communication with researchers, and providing a solution in short order.

For more details on submitting vulnerability information, please see our Vulnerability Reporting Guidelines page.

If you have questions or corrections about this advisory, please email [email protected]

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