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Proxylogon などの Microsoft Exchange の脆弱性の探し方: Tenable がお手伝いできること

We urge organizations to patch Proxylogon (CVE-2021-26855) and related vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-26857, CVE-2021-26858, CVE-2021-27065) in Microsoft Exchange Server and investigate for potential compromise within their networks. Here's how Tenable products can help.

Update Match 17, 2021: The Identifying Affected Systems section has been updated with information about the availability of a scan template to quickly run targeted scans to identify systems affected by these four CVEs.


Following Microsoft’s out-of-band advisory for four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server that were exploited in the wild by a nation-state threat actor known as HAFNIUM, multiple reports have emerged that over 30,000 organizations may have been compromised as a result of these flaws. Jake Sullivan, the White House national security advisor, tweeted that the administration is aware of “potential compromises” at U.S. think tanks and defense industrial base entities.

The impact of these vulnerabilities is not limited to U.S.-based organizations, as there are reports of compromised entities in the Czech Republic and Norway. We expect more compromised organizations will be identified in the coming days and weeks.

As Chris Krebs, former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has said, organizations that exposed Exchange Server to the internet should assume compromise and begin hunting for known indicators.

Tenable がお手伝いできること

Tenable released version check plugins for Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, which can be used to determine which Exchange Server systems are vulnerable in your environment. However, we’ve also produced additional checks that can be used to directly identify vulnerable systems, as well as flagging potential web shells on hosts that may be compromised.

Direct check plugin

Unlike version checks, which may require the use of a credentialed scan, a direct check plugin is designed to test whether or not your Exchange Server instance is vulnerable to the exploit itself. We have released Plugin ID 147171, which can be used for uncredentialed scans of vulnerable Exchange Server instances. Once the scan is complete, the scan output will produce the following result if vulnerable:

In this instance, the Exchange Server is vulnerable to CVE-2021-26855.

Indicators of Compromise (IOC) check plugin

In addition to the direct check plugin, Tenable Research has produced a plugin (147193) that can be used to identify Microsoft Exchange hosts which may have been compromised based on publicly available IOCs. The plugin may produce the following results:

This screenshot shows the plugin returning results of .aspx files which may indicate that the host has been compromised.

Please note that the IOC plugin may flag benign aspx files as suspicious, so we strongly encourage cross-referencing these against known good lists like this one provided by NCC Group, as well as malware databases like VirusTotal, Hybrid Analysis and PolySwarm.

Using YARA rules to scan for hashes and others IOCs

As we noted in our previous blog, IOCs were initially published by Microsoft and Volexity. Volexity provided a set of three YARA rules to identify web shells.

Tenable products provide the ability to perform YARA scanning by supplying a YARA rule. YARA scanning will scan files on the target to determine if any file matches the user provided YARA rules. This feature uses the Directories and Custom Filescan Directories options to determine which files to scan. A file that is successfully matched against a YARA rule generates a "critical" vulnerability in the scan report and the offending file is attached if it is under 5MB.

In addition to YARA scanning, customers can also provide a list of known bad hashes (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) to identify on the target system. Microsoft shared a list of known bad hashes associated with the HAFNIUM campaign.

Prioritize patching and investigate for potential compromise

While we strongly encourage our customers to apply the available patches provided by Microsoft as soon as possible, we also believe it is just as critical to identify the presence of web shells and further compromise within your organization as the attackers may have already established a presence. Applying the available patches plugs the hole, but it doesn’t address the possibility that the attackers are already lurking within your network, which is why hunting for these IOCs is crucial.


The following is a summary of all the checks Tenable Research has produced related to the Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

Plugin Plugin Type 説明/対策
Security Update for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP 3 (March 2021) Version Check Identify vulnerable Exchange Server 2010 systems.
Security Updates for Microsoft Exchange Server (March 2021) Version Check Identify vulnerable Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019 systems.
Microsoft Exchange Server Authentication Bypass Direct Check Directly identify vulnerable Exchange Server systems uncredentialed.
Potential exposure to Hafnium Microsoft Exchange targeting Local Check Identify potential web shells in selected directories for further analysis.

Scan Template

A scan template has been released for Tenable products to provide customers with a fast and easy way to run targeted scans against their environment. The “ProxyLogon : MS Exchange” template includes preset policy options and allows the ability to scan using Windows SMB credentials for the version check plugins noted above. While the direct check plugin does not require credentials, we strongly recommend adding credentials in order to see results for the version check plugins.

We will update this blog post if we publish any additional plugins related to these events.


Tenable コミュニティの Tenable セキュリティレスポンスチームに参加してみませんか。

最新のアタックサーフェスを総合的に管理する Tenable、初の Cyber Exposure Platform の詳細情報をご覧ください。

今すぐ Tenable.io Vulnerability Management の 30 日間無料トライアルをお試しください。



下にメールアドレスをご記入ください。最新の情報が確認できる Cyber Exposure アラートがインボックスに送信されます。


30 日間無料


tenable.io 購入

最新のクラウドベースの脆弱性管理プラットフォームの全機能にアクセスし、これまでにない精度で全ての資産を確認し、追跡しましょう。 年間サブスクリプションをご購入ください。

65 資産



Nessus Professional を無料で試す

7 日間無料

Nessus® は、最も包括的な脆弱性スキャナーです。Nessus Professional は脆弱性のスキャンプロセスを自動化し、コンプライアンスサイクルを短縮し、お客様の IT チームが専念して活動できるようにします。

Nessus Professionalを購入する

Nessus® は、最も包括的な脆弱性スキャナーです。Nessus Professional は脆弱性のスキャンプロセスを自動化し、コンプライアンスサイクルを短縮し、お客様の IT チームが専念して活動できるようにします。

複数年ライセンスをご購入いただくと割引が適用されます。拡張サポートを追加すると、24 時間x365 日、電話、コミュニティ、チャットサポートにアクセスできます。




Tenable.io を 30 日間無料でお試しください


Tenable.io を購入する

最新のクラウドベースの脆弱性管理プラットフォームの全機能にアクセスし、これまでにない精度で全ての資産を確認し、追跡しましょう。 年間サブスクリプションをご購入ください。

65 資産



Tenable.io Web Application Scanningを試す

30 日間無料

Tenable.ioプラットフォームの一部として最新のアプリケーション用に設計された、最新のウエブアプリケーションのスキャンサービスの全機能にアクセス可能です。手作業による労力や重大なウエブアプリケーションの中断なしに、脆弱性のオンラインポートフォリオを安全に高精度でスキャンします。 今すぐサインアップしてください。

Tenable.io Web Application Scanningを購入する

最新のクラウドベースの脆弱性管理プラットフォームの全機能にアクセスし、これまでにない精度で全ての資産を確認し、追跡しましょう。 年間サブスクリプションをご購入ください。




Tenable.io Container Securityを試す

30 日間無料

脆弱性管理プラットフォームに統合された唯一のコンテナセキュリティ製品の全機能にアクセス可能です。コンテナイメージの脆弱性、マルウェア、ポリシー違反を監視継続的インテグレーション/継続的デリバリー(CI / CD)システムと統合し、DevOps プラクティス、セキュリティ強化、および企業のポリシーコンプライアンスをサポートします。

Tenable.io Container Securityを購入する

Tenable.ioのContainer Securityは、ビルドプロセスと統合することにより、コンテナイメージのセキュリティ(脆弱性、マルウェア、ポリシー違反など)を可視化し、シームレスかつ安全なDevOpsプロセスを実現します。

Tenable Lumin を試用する

30 日間無料

Tenable Lumin を使用して、Cyber Exposure を可視化および調査し、リスクの軽減を追跡し、競合他社に対してベンチマークしましょう。

Tenable Lumin を購入する

Tenableの担当者にお問い合わせいただき、組織全体に対するインサイトを得て、サイバーリスクを管理する上で Lumin がいかに役立つかについて、Tenable の営業担当者までお問い合わせください。

Tenable.cs を試してみる

30 日間無料で Tenable.cs にフルアクセス。クラウドインフラの設定ミスを、ソフトウェア開発ライフサイクルの設計、構築、実行時を通じて検出して修正できます。

Tenable.cs を購入する